Casey Baden


Pronouns: She/Her


Instagram: @casey.baden


Casey Baden is a visual artist, art worker, and textile designer with a plural practice engaged with craft in contemporary art. Born and raised in Houston, TX, she obtained a BFA from New York University, 2014, and an MFA from CalArts, 2020. Living and working between Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX, in her art practice she explores the idea of embodying and inhabiting – both the physical body and the domestic space – with aims of divorcing the household and the feminine self from concepts of private property, domestic labor, gendered emotional experience, and fixed location. The works that result range from large-scale paintings, textile and architectural installations, weavings, fabric works, cyanotype and dyed pieces, ceramics, and mixed-media collages. She has worked in galleries, for artists, and arts institutions in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles, has exhibition work across the US and in Europe, and has attended residencies at Haystack Mountain School of Craft and Vermont Studio Center.

At Full Service, Baden utilizes her wide ranging artistic and employment experiences to fulfill a multi-dimensional role as a small business co-owner/co-founder. Baden is the primary correspondence manager, she develops quotes and estimates for project pricing, handles all budgeting, accounting, and general office management, while also serving as a secondary fabricator. She is involved on all Full Service projects from both the front and back ends of production. For projects specializing in soft materials – fibers, upholstery, and even clay - she is the lead fabricator.

As an independent artist, she is pursuing exhibition opportunities and has intensions of exploring a curatorial role in developing shows with an emphasis on collaboration or influence, of artists who work with, near, or in relation to one another. Additionally, she is developing a textiles resource center and fiber studio in LA with fellow artists, Minga Opazo.

Kenneth Yuen is a Los Angeles and Vancouver based artist. Yuen received his BFA from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada (2018), then completed his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts (2020). At the core of Yuen's practice is sculpture. Currently Yuen is interested in the exploration of material phenomenology, at an intersection of form. This interest often manifests in the employment of materials and forms that function as semiotic signifiers that refer to historical-cultural contexts or possible masquerading identities. Yuen seeks to explore the aesthetics of mechanical manufacturing, the notions of the handmade, the artist’s hand and the apparent absence of the latter in relationship to chosen materials and how this may lead to questions of an object’s place in context. Yuen has exhibited work in the US and Canada, and has curated exhibitions such as Conflux, at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

At Full Service, Yuen is the co-founder, lead project manager, and head fabricator. He develops all necessary structural engineering and design for projects in metal, wood, and concrete. As a sculptor in his own practice, Yuen approaches each fabrication or construction project as if it were his own work, ensuring economical and practical function and design. His skills include developing custom hardware, creating unique molds, building components off site, installing projects securely and seamlessly, working with kinetic and/or electrical mechanisms of a work, and more.

Additionally, Yuen is a car enthusiast and mechanic, with a particular penchant for BMWs. Working on cars is his form of meditation, and he has rescued a number of artists from their car troubles. For this we are very grateful!

Kenneth Yuen


Pronouns: He/Him


Instagram: @knnt.yn